How many people can attend one of these events? What size group is best?

There is no real limit on the number or size but this is usually discussed before or at the booking stage to ensure that the number agreed is manageable and that everyone is able to feel included.

What equipment do you bring to the venue?

Generally, each display involves bringing a fold up table and one or two electrical rotating flat base table stands (which require standard 240v power socket(s) situated close by).

* Any electrical equipment is given a visual check before being used and if more than one year old is PAT tested in line with current regulations.

How long will each exhibition/display event last?

Usually, each event is anticipated to last between one hour and an hour and a half BUT it very much depends on the needs and wishes of the audience members. Sessions can be extended were appropriate. 

How much do you charge for the display/talk?

 Prices are available on application and vary depending on the following:

* The length of time for the individual experience . 

* The number of mannequins and props in a particular collection.

* Any additional material costs in relation to demonstrations or group activities requested.

* Generally between £30 - £50 per session

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer on the day of the event or by cheque (providing it is submitted at least seven days before the event date to allow for bank clearing) or alternatively via invoice and bank transfer with 7 days.

Social media. 

Charmworth is now on Instagram and Facebook.

We are happy for you to place pictures of any displays or events on your own websites if it helps promote your services and the activities you provide for your customers.

Making contact

A good way to make initial contact is via email using If you send an enquiry then we will be happy to reply via email or to call you back at a convenient time to discuss specific requirements. Alternatively, you can call/text 07906 993732 or send a request or query through the Instagram or Facebook messenger systems.

Other questions

Please email or call 07906 993732 if you have any other questions that are not listed above. We will be happy to answer any queries.