EXHIBITIONS  (Indoor or Outdoor displays) 

A number of new themed mannequin mini exhibitions and talks have been developed over the last few months. These are mobile displays which travel around individual venues, to entertain and inspire conversation and evoke golden memories. Most include a collection display and a short talk, some incorporate a creative activity or demonstration. 

These exhibition/talks are generally available mornings and afternoons throughout the week.

Patchwork fairy wings collection 
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* The lovely patchwork fairy mannequins collection in yellow, orange, light blue,
    lilac, light green and pink. Each of the fairy wing sets have been created using a unique patchwork technique. 

* Lots of uplifting, colourful, hand embroidered mini bunting.

* A short talk on how the collection was inspired and created.

Patchwork fairies_edited.jpg
 Vintage Fashion show 
(1960s - 1970s collection)
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* A fashion show featuring a collection of mini mannequins dressed in the vintage fashions
  of the swinging 1960s, and the glam 1970s.

* A real trip down memory lane with fabrics and designs from past decades.
Charmworth vintage fashion_edited.jpg

Bridal fashions through the decades
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  
* A brand new collection of beautiful miniature vintage wedding dress designs 
* 1930s thru 1980s
* With bridesmaid dress designs from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. 


Miniature vintage wedding bridesmaid dress.jpg
Dorset Button collection  

Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* How the different types of Dorset buttons are made.

* The many different uses of these decorative buttons. 

* Gorgeous creative mannequin fashions incorporating the craft.