A number of exciting new mini exhibitions and talks have been developed over the last few months. These are mobile displays which travel around individual venues, to entertain and hopefully inspire golden memories from the past. Most include a collection display and a short talk, some incorporate a creative activity demonstration. 

These exhibition talks are generally available mornings, afternoons and evenings Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Modern & Vintage minnies 
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* A short talk on the history of this miniature collection.

* A selection of photographs and stories on the collection. 

* Comprises of up to nine dress mannequins (30-45cms in height).

* The display features modern and vintage (1960s thru to present day) fabrics. 

These little dresses usually help to summon lots of memories from the past and generally result in lively discussions within the group.

The Vintage Collection  
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* A discussion about all the vintage miniature dress styles featured in    this unique collection.

Comprises of up to nine dress mannequins (30-45cms in height).

* Displayed on stands featuring vintage popular 45 rpm hit records.

* The display features vintage (1950s thru 1980s) fabrics and designs. 

Including a 'Brooch dress' made up of individual handcrafted brooches.

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Creative Dorset Buttons  
Duration: 1hr- 1hr 30 approx.

* A brief history of Dorset Buttons.

* Lots of pretty examples of all of the different types.

* Some of the functional, decorative and fun uses of these special buttons.

* A half scale mannequin tulle dress and some lovely smaller dresses  

   incorporating beaded buttons. 

* Colourful 'Enhanced Vintage Dress' Dorset Buttons.

Plus a demonstration ... a chance to have a look at how these buttons are made.

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Gifts, stationery and keepsakes 

A small range of exclusive gift and stationery keepsakes have now been developed and will be available for sale at each of the above display events.