A number of exciting new themed mannequin mini exhibitions and talks have been developed over the last few months. These are mobile displays which travel around individual venues, to entertain and inspire conversation and evoke golden memories. Most include a collection display and a short talk, some incorporate a creative activity demonstration. 

These exhibition/talks are generally available mornings, afternoons or evenings Monday to Saturday.

'Celebration of Summer'  
Duration: 1hr- 1hr30 approx.  

* The lovely patchwork fairies mannequin collection in yellow, light blue, orange, lilac, light green and pink.

* Lots of inspiring, colourful, hand embroidered mini bunting.

* A short talk on how the collection was inspired and created.

*Available from 19th July 2021*

' Autumn/Winter Vintage Fashion Show'

*Available 1st September 2021*

* A fashion show featuring a collection of miniature mannequins dressed in the vintage fashions of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s 

* A real trip down memory lane with fabrics and designs from past decades.
'Christmas shop
*Available 1st October 2021*